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An Extensive Collection of Italian Calf Faenza Pottery Tableware hand decorated with flowers & foliage bordered with trellis bands painted in blue, rusty orange, green and yellow glaze. Comprising of 8 x 10½ in (27 cm) dinner plates, 18 x 8¼ in (21 cm) side plates, 8 x crescent shaped supper plates, 7 x large cups & saucers, 7 x small cups & 8 saucers, 10 x small octagonal bowls and a large octagonal bowl, 2 x meat platters, 2 x graduated fruit bowls with crimped rims, 2 pairs of small bowls; one with crimped rims, 4 x egg cups, a pair of jugs, 2 x graduated jugs, a vase, a small oval dish, a leaf shaped dish and two long rectangular tray dishes.

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Sold For: £950