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A Miscellaneous Lot of Treen. To include a late 18th /early 19th century boxwood shoemaker's sizing stick calibrated in English and French shoe sizes and stamped ''J. TREE & Co. MAKERS CHARLOTTE STREET BLACK FRs RD LONDON'', with one fixed stop and one sliding stop, both shaped as shoes soles, 18 ins (45.5 cm) long; a 19th century lignum vitae roller tapering from the middle towards both ends and stamped ''MARCUS WARD'', 15 ¾ ins (40 cm) long; a 19th century mahogany church collection plate with moulded rims and (replacement) green baize to centre, 9 ¾ ins (25 cm) dia; a 19th century paperknife with a scimitar shaped blade inlaid with intarsia work depicting two oxen pulling a sledge with attendants and passengers inside, the handle inlaid with a flower, 13½ ins (34 cm) long; a late 19th /early 20th century pokerwork page turner decorated on the upper surface with a sunflower, the underside stained black, 14¼ in (36 cm) long; a late 19th century brass mounted ebony spirit level stamped ''ALEXR MARSHALL GLASGOW'', 10 ins (25.5 cm) long; an 18th/19th century lignum stable log with ring turned bands, 10 ins (10 cm) dia; two 18th /19th century lignum vitae carpet bowl with ring turned decoration, 3¼ ins (8.5 cm) and 3 ins (7.5 cm) dia; a sycamore or fruitwood carpet bowl, 3½ ins (9 cm) dia and a late 19th century fruitwood shallow circular dish with straight sides, possibly for loose change, 4¾ ins (12 cm) dia.

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