Auction Items


    A Sussex Lead Glazed Redware Bread Crock, Circa 1870's; the turned lid with strap handle.12 in (31 cm) high, 12 in (31 cm) in diameter. And a pair of small mid 19th century Sussex footed bowls with slip glaze decoration.

    Estimated sale price: £80 - £120


    A 19th Century Red Stoneware Ham Pot with thick dripped treacle glaze, attributed to the North East/Newcastle, 8 in (20 cm) high, 16½ in x 12½ in (42 cm x 32 cm).

    Estimated sale price: £80 - £120


    Four 19th Century Blackware Ceramic Culinary Pots: A 12 inch (30 cm) high jar, a creamer with side handle 6¾ in (17 cm) high, a large jar with pouring lip 11 in (29 cm) high, and an ovoid flagon 12½ in (32 cm) high.

    Estimated sale price: £150 - £250


    A Signed Fishley Holland Jug; a relation of Fishleys who trained and worked at Fremington, eventually moving to Clevedon near Bristol. The dark brown glazed body decorated with cream relief moulded flower heads and sprigs, 7 in (18 cm) in height.

    Estimated sale price: £100 - £200


    An Early 19th Century Treacle Glazed Stoneware Frog Mug, 5¾ in (14.5 cm) in height.

    Estimated sale price: £100 - £200


    A Good Collection of Interesting Pottery Reference Books; 'Yorkshire Pots and Potteries' by Heather Lawrence, 'Excavations in the Donyatt Potteries' by R. Coleman-Smith and T. Pearson, 'A Halifax Cider Jar' by Graham Mort, 'Sussex Pottery' by John Manwaring Baines, ''The Synge-Craven Collection of Regional Slipware', 'Wetheriggs Pottery A History and Collector's Guide' by Barbara Blenkinship, and 'A History of Local Potteries' produced by Bradford Art Galleries and Museums, 'Fifty Years a Potter' by W. Fishley Holland, ''strong's Industries of North Devon' David & Charles Reprints, ''Discover Dorset Pottery' by Penny Copland-Griffiths, 'North Devon Pottery and its Export to America in the 17th Century' by C. Malcolm Watkins, Edward Dobson's 'A Rudimentary Treatise on the Manufacture of Bricks and Tiles' (1850) by Francis Celoria, 'The Broken Earthenware if Midhope Potteries' by Joseph Kenworthy, 'The Incomparable Art English Pottery from the Thomas Greg Collection', and 'Slipware' by David Barker.

    Estimated sale price: £200 - £300


    A 19th Century Salt-glazed Stoneware Puzzle Jug sprigged with relief moulded rural scenes 6 in (15 cm) in height, and a 20th century green glazed pottery hen money box, 6 in (15 cm) in height.

    Estimated sale price: £80 - £160


    A 19th Century Salt-glazed Stoneware Toby Jug attributed to Brampton. The seated figure on a canted plinth holding a jug of foaming ale; the crown of his tricorn hat forming a lid, with a crested handle to his back, 11 in (28 cm) in height. And a small salt-glazed stoneware pot of oval form having a roptetwist rim and foot with relief moulded floral garlands either side and lion-mask handles. The base impressed '4'., 2½ in (9 cm) high, 5 in x 3¾ in (12.5 cm x 9.5 cm).

    Estimated sale price: £80 - £160


    Three Decorative 19th Century Salt-glazed Stoneware Bottle/Jars. One moulded in the form of a fish with incised scales and detailing bearing the stopper spout in it's mouth, 7 in (18 cm) in length. One of round cushion form relief moulded with a wreath of flowers & leaves to each side, 6 in (15 cm) in length. And an early 19th century jar sprigged with relief moulded flowers adorning the cylindrical body and having a paper label to underside inscribed 'Lambeth Nr Fulham C. 1800-10', 5 in (13 cm) high.

    Estimated sale price: £100 - £200


    An Early 19th Century Wedgwood Caneware Game Pie Dish with liner. The oval top relief moulded with game and surmounted by a hare. The sides festooned in garlands of fruiting vine swagged between hanging game, 5 in (14 cm) high, 8½ in x 6 in (22 in x 25 in).

    Estimated sale price: £60 - £80

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