Auction Items

  • Lot 311 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 311

    A Pre Columbian Carved Lava-Stone Figure of a Seated Monkey/ Man, possibly from Costa Rica. (18 cm) in height.

    Sold For: £100

  • Lot 312 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 312

    A Carved and Weathered Wooden Head (18 cm) in height, mounted on a modern display stand.

    Sold For: £160

  • Lot 313 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 313

    A Pair of 18th Century Floor Standing Wrought Iron Tripod Candle stands. Each having a pair of rolled sheet metal candle sockets on sprung frames incorporating hooks either side, sliding up & down a spike topped stem above ball knop and square section base leading down to strap legs on 'penny' feet, (142 cm) high.

    Sold For: £500

  • Lot 314 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 314

    A Pair of Tall Floor Standing Wrought Iron Candle Stands. The wide cylindrical sheet metal sockets pierced with apertures either side above dished drip pans raised on fillet knopped stems and tripod bases with broken scroll strap legs, (140 cm) high.

    Sold For: £0

  • Lot 315 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 315

    A Decorative Wrought Iron Wall Sconce. The scrolling foliate crested arm bearing a scalloped drip pan slotted over a screw thread fixture, (32 cm) in length, (15 cm) high.

    Sold For: £0

  • Lot 316 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 316

    An 18th Century Wrought Iron Peerman with rolled Candle Socket and sprung rush holder on a tripod base (81 cm) high, and an unusual wrought iron pendant oil lamp with three rows of small oil cups riveted to a strap-work grid hanging from a twisted suspension hook, centred by a principal single-valve crusie, (45 cm) in length, (36 cm) wide.

    Sold For: £320

  • Lot 317 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 317

    An Early Bronze Mortar, possibly Persian; the sides decorated with five drop shaped flanges between slightly flared rim and foot, (8.5 cm) in height, (11 cm) in diameter.

    Sold For: £260

  • Lot 318 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 318

    An Early Bronze Mortar. The waisted body adorned with raised X marks between four loop handles above a band of zig-zagging to the base, (10 cm) in height, (11.5 cm) in diameter.

    Sold For: £900

  • Lot 319 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 319

    A Fabulous 17th Century English Bronze Mortar by Thomas Cheese of Bury St Edmunds, dated 1626. The waist with an armorial panel depicting the crown and crossed saltire arrows of Bury St Edmunds flanked by two barred 'T' founder's marks, with initials I F & K in separate panels to the other side between ring mouldings, and projecting rounded lug handles. The flared rim with zig-zagged ornamentation, (18 cm) high, (22 cm) in diameter.

    Sold For: £3300

  • Lot 320 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 320

    A Rare 17th Century Wrought Iron Pendant 'Louvre' Light, similar to an illustrated example in 'Iron and Brass Implements of the English House' by J. Seymour Lindsay, fig 248, used in the fish houses of Great Yarmouth. The hook-ended wrythen suspension rod with spike for driving into the frame of the herring smoker's louvres leading down to a twin branch base bearing a pricket to one side and rolled candle socket to the other, (41 cm) in length.

    Sold For: £0

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