Auction Items

  • Lot 241 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 241

    A Pair of Italian Late 16th/Early 17th Century Wrought Iron Andirons. The stems surmounted by fine brass radial fluted flattened-ball finials, and standing (47 cms) in height.

    Estimated sale price: £800 - £1200

  • Lot 242 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 242

    A Fine 16th Century Italian Wrought Iron & Bronze Mounted Faldistorio. The slung seat composed of leather straps on curve X-frame supports centred by sheet iron flower head ornaments. The uprights surmounted by decorative cast bronze finials and united by twinned baluster side rails, (84 cm) high, (56 cm) wide, (38 cm) deep.

    Estimated sale price: £6000 - £7000

  • Lot 243 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 243

    A North Italian Late 16th Century Cedar or Cypress Wood Adige Chest. The piece profusely decorated with pyrographic details defined against a cut away, mesh punched ground, depicting figural scenes in moulded panel within scrolling foliate borders incorporating further figures and beasts, and having a galleon to the central front panel flanked by guards to the divides. The ends fitted with swing carrying handles. (67 cm) high, (180 cm) wide, (65 cm) deep.

    Estimated sale price: £1000 - £1500

  • Lot 244 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 244

    An Unusual Italian Wrought Iron Faldistorio in the 16th Century style. The slung leather seat and strapped leather back on a curved X-frame support. The rear uprights surmounted by pierced flat bronze finials incorporating pairs of lions with entwined tails. The sides with bronze arm rails, (111 cm) high, (64 cm) wide, (41 cm) deep.

    Estimated sale price: £2500 - £3000

  • Lot 245 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 245

    A Renaissance Revival Copper Vessel. The gadrooned bulbous body mounted with cast bronze protuberant cherub heads wearing helmets either side. The lobed lid surmounted by a cast finial and engraved with inscription to underside, dated 1889, (34 cm) in height.

    Estimated sale price: £400 - £600

  • Lot 246 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 246

    A Large 19th Century Eastern Copper Samovar. The gadrooned ovoid body, raised neck, domed cover and pedestal foot decorated with strings of beading & cord-twist cords, and mounted with an iron strap handle incised with zig-zagging, and an iron strap re-enforcing the spout, with a small tap to the base, (65 cm) in height.

    Estimated sale price: £200 - £400

  • Lot 247 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 247

    A 17th Century Spanish Walnut Table. The rectangular single piece top raised on scrolling silhouette cut end supports enriched with carved foliate and braced with wrought iron blade-knopped S-scroll brackets, (79 cm) high, (153 cm) long, (76 cm) wide.

    Estimated sale price: £2800 - £3600

  • Lot 248 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 248

    A 19th Century Three-fold Leather Screen hand-painted with scrolls of vine, fruit & flowers with a bird to the centre, (175 cm) high, (46 cm) wide each leaf.

    Estimated sale price: £150 - £300

  • Lot 249 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 249

    A Carved Oak Solomonic Column. The bold spiralling shaft entwined in fruiting vine below a Corinthian style capital, (136.5 cm) in height.

    Estimated sale price: £500 - £700

  • Lot 250 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 250

    A 17th Century Oil on Panel: An opulent Renaissance interior with figures feasting and a couple dancing, (33 cm x 48.5 cm), in a later Venetian style painted and gilt frame with incised embellishments between moulded borders, (52 cm x 66 cm).

    Estimated sale price: £800 - £1600

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