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  • Lot 241 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 241

    A Fine 18th/Early 19th Century White Metal Mounted Trousse or Eating Set, of the type found in regions of Chinese, Tibet & Mongolia. The red lacquered biform holder housing a horn-handled knife and ivory chop sticks, hung with chains and accompanied by a belt hook. The mounts embossed and chased with scrolling ornamentation.

    Sold For: £220

  • Lot 242 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 242

    An Antique Chinese Silver Belt composed of platted wire cords bound with silver straps stamped with flower-heads and having an adjustable ornamental buckle fastener embossed and chased with a scrolling dragon, 44 '' (112 cm) in length.

    Sold For: £0

  • Lot 243 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 243

    A Delightful Oriental Silver Box modelled in the form of a reclining goat wearing an ornamental collar and a decorative adornment running from it's head along it's back, with embossed and chased sprays of scrolling foliage to it's sides and haunches. The underside stamped T900, 8'' (20 cm) high, 9'' (23 cm) in length.

    Sold For: £400

  • Lot 244 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 244

    A Small Russian Silver Gilt & Enamel Box of round cushion form, intricately decorated all over and having a hinged lid fitted with a malachite knop finial, the base centred by the star of David, 2'' (5 cm) in diameter.

    Sold For: £300

  • Lot 245 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 245

    A 19th Century Silver Filigree & Carved Ivory Posy Holder. The scrolling filigree receptacle composed of six petal shaped panels stamped ?S 925 and mounted on a stick handle with stepped stop fluting to the shaft and an intricately carved finial of wrythen brickwork, 8'' (20 cm) in length.

    Sold For: £140

  • Lot 246 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 246

    A White Metal Filigree Belt composed of five hinged panels and a large ornamental scrolling buckle adorned with amber mounts.

    Sold For: £0

  • Lot 247 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 247

    A 19th Century Indian Silver Mounted Carved Ebony Elephant. The decorative mounts embossed & chased with scrolling foliage and inset with a moon stone to the elephants trunk, with tasseled batons to it's ears and a pagoda topped display cage upon it's back. 7'' (18 cm) high, 7'' (18 cm) in length.

    Sold For: £340

  • Lot 248 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 248

    An Antique Eastern White Metal Ewer of Handleless Form. The globular body and flared neck embossed and chased with flowers in Mirab panels framed by gilded bands. The hinged lid surmounted by a finial knop and attached with chains either side. Standing on a pedestal foot, 5'' (13 cm) in height.

    Sold For: £0

  • Lot 249 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 249

    A Colonial Malacca & Ebony Walking Cane with white metal handle elaborately embossed and chased with Indian Goddesses and a Buddhistic figure to the cap. The malacca section pierced and threaded with tasselled cord, 36½'' (93 cm) in length.

    Sold For: £0

  • Lot 250 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 250

    A 19th Century Anglo-Indian Sadeli Mosaic Fitted Work Box intricately decorated throughout and edged in ebony and ivory stringing. The locking rectangular box having a raised panel to the moulded lid and tapered sides with silvered swing handles, raised on small lion paw feet. The partitioned sandalwood interior housing various ivory spools, reels, thread dispensers, a tape measure, thimble, pin cushion pin tray, needle box and lidded compartments with a silver peg catch to the front securing a shallow drawer below, 6'' (15 cm) high, 13'' (33 cm) wide, 9¼'' (23.5 cm) deep.

    Sold For: £700

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