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  • Lot 211 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 211

    An Unusual 18th/Early 19th Century Treen Casket of rectangular form. The hinged lid composed of intricately worked coquilla nut panels centred by an an oval relief carved panel depicting a gathering of people and buildings behind, encompassed by a string of beads and surrounded by a tangle of fruiting vines with clusters of fruit and flowers adorning the border. The corners having canted pilasters carved with flowers and foliage above pear shaped feet, 2½'' (9 cm) high, 5'' (13 cm) wide, 2½'' (6.5 cm) deep.

    Sold For: £300

  • Lot 212 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 212

    A Rare 19th Century Folk Art Treen Snuff Box carved in the form of a grinning man's head with gouge carved hair & beard and staring glass inset eyes. The flat base incised with a thistle sprig and Prince of Wales feathers within a beaded edge. 3¼'' (8 cm) high, 2'' (5 cm) wide, 1 (4.5 cm) deep.

    Sold For: £850

  • Lot 213 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 213

    An Edwardian Novelty Walking Stick with an articulated boxwood handle carved in the form of a 'talking' monkey's head with inset glass eyes and a lever to the back operating it's moving jaw. The silver collar hallmarked Birmingham 1905 with Henry Howell & Co Ltd (Jonathan Howell) maker's punch. 35½'' (90 cm) in length.

    Sold For: £300

  • Lot 214 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 214

    An Antique Carved Treen Folk Art Snuff Box carved in the form of a foot with a hinged lid to the underside, 3'' (8 cm) in length.

    Sold For: £0

  • Lot 215 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 215

    A Rare 19th Century Folk Art Walking Stick. The handle carved in the form of a hand clasping a codd hamilton bottle. The knobbly shaft with residual ebonizing, 38½'' (98 cm) in length.

    Sold For: £300

  • Lot 216 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 216

    An Unusual and Quirky 19th Century Treen Figural Clock carved from coquilla nut in the form of a man wearing a hat and frock coat with inset bone buttons over a waistcoat & pinstripes with incised detailing. The clock movement set within his body accessed via a lift-up flap to the back, with a small dial displayed to his tummy and a sheet metal and wire pendulum hung from his chest. The white enamel dial with black Roman numerals, (lacking hands) Standing on a square boxwood plinth, 7¾'' (19.5 cm) in height.

    Sold For: £800

  • Lot 217 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 217

    A 19th Century Chip Carved Treen Board having an integral paddle handle pierced with a diamond shaped suspension hole. The square shaped board emblazoned with a decorative carved roundel and having initials M LI to the top corners with incised tulip heads to the lower corners, 13¾'' (35 cm) in length, 8'' (20 cm) wide.

    Sold For: £0

  • Lot 218 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 218

    A Fine Chinese Hardwood Scholar's Tray/Stand of rectangular form with cleated border above an elegant moulded base enhanced with raised edging fillet with scroll ends and scrolled bracket feet, 2¼'' (6 cm) high, 14½'' x 9'' (37 cm x 23 cm).

    Sold For: £0

  • Lot 219 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 219

    An 18th/19th Century Bronze Bodhisattva seated on a lotus base, her right hand in varada and her left hand in vitarka mudra with lotus stems rising either side, 8¼'' (21 cm) in height.

    Sold For: £360

  • Lot 220 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 220

    A Fine Chinese Eggshell China Bowl. The lobed sides decorated in rich polychrome enamels with birds and a bird's nest on rock-work flanked by tree peonies and blossom, inscribed in black with calligraphy alongside a small red seal mark. The interior painted with sprays of flowers, birds, dragon flies and lotus blossom, centred by a decorative roundel printed in cobalt blue with a dragon chasing a pearl. The borders with decorative cobalt blue bands of printed scrollwork and lappets, 2¾'' (7 cm) high, 7½'' (19 cm) in diameter. The bowl mounted on a fine carved hardwood stand, 4'' (10 cm) overall in height.

    Sold For: £170

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