Auction Items

  • LOT NUMBER 161

    An 18th Century Joined Oak Country Table. The planked rectangular top on tapering rectangular legs 27½ in (70 cm) high, 32 in (81 cm) wide, 22½ in (57 cm) deep.

    Estimated sale price: £80 - £160

  • LOT NUMBER 162

    A Pair of Victorian Coloured Glass Bottles with silver mounts hallmarked Birmingham 1839. The collars and stoppers embossed and chased with fruiting vines. One bottle of yellow uranium glass the, other of fluted amethyst glass 14½'' (37 cm) in height.

    Estimated sale price: £100 - £200

  • LOT NUMBER 163

    A Large 19th Century Silver Mounted Horn Beaker with inset glass base. The side mounted with a silver shield between rim and foot bands hallmarked London 1881, 8'' (20 cm) in height.

    Estimated sale price: £300 - £400

  • LOT NUMBER 164

    A Late 18th/Early 19th Century Ox-horn Drenching Horn with closed pointed end 8¾ in (22.6 cm) in length. A larger example with open pointed end and contemporary branded initials 'T + K', 13¾ in (35.5 cm), both with drilled pointed ends together with an interesting 18th/19th century sounding horn type object, the wide end with a fixed wooden cap, the tapered end open, the body with two holes and decorated with two bands of brass and copper studs and having two iron suspension loops (one sawn off), ancient patination to the horn and end cap , 15¾ in (40 cm) long along the outer curvature. [See 'Discovering Horn' by Paula Hardwick pp. 70-17 for drenching horns].

    Estimated sale price: £80 - £160

  • LOT NUMBER 165

    A Large Carved Oak Single Piece Panel of impressive proportions depicting a indulgent scene of revellers around a table, with crowned King to the centre drinking from a goblet, 33'' (84 cm) 64'' (163 cm) wide, 2'' (5 cm) thick

    Estimated sale price: £800 - £1200

  • LOT NUMBER 166

    Two Antique French Wooden Wine-Press Screw-thread Shafts, surmounted by later square platforms and standing on square plinth bases, 55'' (140 cm) in height, 13½'' (34 cm) square.

    Estimated sale price: £200 - £400

  • LOT NUMBER 167

    A Late 19th/Early 20th Century Staved Wash Tub or Keeler of shallow circular form with sloping sides and two extended opposing staves serving as handles, banded in two metal hoops, one a replacement, 17¼ in (44 cm) wide, 6¼ in (16 cm) deep. A good 19th century iron bound oak piggin of traditional tapering form; one stave projecting above the rim as a handle, 6 in (15.3 cm) high to rim, 9½ in (24 cm) in diameter. A good George IV cylindrical oak bentwood Imperial Measure, probably for grain, with a nailed lapped join to one side, branded twice 'Crown / GR / IV' and 'IMPERIAL' and incised with initials 'JS', 4? in (11.7 cm) deep, 9¾ in (24.7 cm) in diameter. [The keeler and piggin are both originally from a 19th century North Antrim farmstead; see 'Treen and Other Wooden Bygones' by Edward H. Pinto pl. 151 & 152 and pl. 156; for measure see pl. 301 and p. 281]

    Estimated sale price: £100 - £200

  • LOT NUMBER 168

    A 19th Century Coopered Oak Pale bound in brass straps and fitted with a brass swing handle, 16½'' (42 cm) high, 13'' (33 cm) in diameter.

    Estimated sale price: £20 - £40

  • LOT NUMBER 169

    A Collection of Five Rustic Pitchforks and a vintage soil riddle.

    Estimated sale price: £80 - £160

  • LOT NUMBER 170

    A 19th Century Dug-out Tub Seat/Bin. The hollowed out tree trunk section having a raised back pierced with an inverted heart above a plank seat with bifoil hole and detachable lid to the front fitted with an iron hasp. 36½'' (93 cm) high, the seat 24'' (61 cm) high, 17'' (47 cm) wide.

    Estimated sale price: £600 - £800

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