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  • Lot 91 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers


    Norton Willis. A Pair of Signed Early 20th Century Watercolours; Cattle in landscape, 21.5 cm x 46.5 cm. Mounted and set in swept gilt frames, 46 cm x 70 cm.

    Estimated sale price: £60 - £80

  • Lot 92 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers


    Thomas Colman Dibdin (1810-1893). A Fine Victorian Watercolour Painting depicting a woman with pitcher outside a riverside woodland cottage, signed lower right T.C. Dibden and dated 1866, 44.5 cm x 33 cm. Mounted and set behind glass in a decorative swept gilt frame with pierced corner details, 74 cm x 61 cm.

    Estimated sale price: £30 - £60

  • Lot 93 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers


    Five Framed Pictures: A Victorian Watercolour of Sailing Boats on the Norfolk Broads, monogrammed lower left AAF and dated 1886, 47 cm x 72 cm in a moulded gilt frame (lacking glass). A watercolour landscape 924 cm x 36 cm in a glazed gilt frame 46 cm x 56 cm. A watercolour of a tree 33 cm x 24 cm, in a glazed gilt frame 61 cm x 51 cm. A coloured print of 'The Salmon Rivers of Scotland' by Nigel Houldsworth 62 cm x 51 cm. And a 19th century Architectural print 57 cm x 73 cm.

    Estimated sale price: £20 - £40

  • Lot 94 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers


    Five Miscellaneous Pictures, 20th Century: An oil on canvas; landscape with windmill and brooding sky signed lower left Marcus Ford, 36 cm x 46 cm, in a moulded frame. A framed watercolour of open field with ''Scarecrows'' inscribed in pencil with title lower left and signed John Sutton 1973 lower right, 28 cm x 43 cm. A gilt frame watercolour of moorland signed M J Suff, 32 cm x 36 cm. An oil on canvas still life with potted flowers signed LR Leach, 30.5 cm x 22.5 cm. And a framed print of Blakeney North Norfolk signed on mount Andrew Didbury, 16.5 cm x 38 cm.

    Estimated sale price: £20 - £40

  • Lot 95 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers


    Six Framed Prints & Three Watercolours: A watercolour portrait of elderly man smoking a pipe, signed G. Candle lower right 20 cm x 13 cm, mounted in set behind glass in a decorative gilt frame, 42 cm x 33 cm. Two 19th Century Watercolour Paintings signed T C Sheppard lower right; one of Brinkburn Priory, the other of a gaff-rigged sailing barge on river, approx 18 cm x 25 cm, mounted in glazed gilt frames (loose). A set of four seasonal woodland illustrations each mounted alongside an index of animals, plants and trees in glazed frames 45 cm x 65 cm. An 18th century illustrative engraving of agricultural implements in a glazed frame, 33.5 cm x 22.5 cm, and a illustrative engraving of designs in glazed frame 49.5 cm x 43 cm.

    Estimated sale price: £30 - £60

  • Lot 96 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers


    Giovanni Barbaro (1864-1915). A Watercolour Portrait of Mediterranean Maiden in a red scarf, 38 cm x 28 cm. Mounted in a glazed moulded gilt frame, 80 cm x 68 cm.

    Estimated sale price: £50 - £100

  • Lot 97 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers


    Margaret A. Heath (Exh. 1886-1914). A Watercolour Genre Painting depicting a young man with cup & ball, dressed in mediaeval costume leant against the back of a chair, signed lower right Marg. A Heath, 34 cm x 22 cm. Mounted and set in a gilt frame with corner embellishments, 56 cm x 43 cm.

    Estimated sale price: £80 - £160

  • Lot 98 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers


    Sir John Gilbert R.A. (1817-1897). A Genre Painting depicting a scene from ''The Taming of the Shrew'' signed John Gilbert lower left 47 cm x 36 cm. Set behind glass in a gilt mount inscribed with title and artist, and a decorative swept gilt frame, with typed excerpt from the play to the verso, 67 cm x 56 cm.

    Estimated sale price: £100 - £200

  • Lot 99 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers


    Andre Brunin (1890-?). An Oil on Canvas: Half Length Portrait of a Young Female Performer in eastern costume holding a drum, signed top left Andre Bruinin and dated 1931, 74 cm x 57 cm, in a moulded gilt frame 83 cm x 67 cm.

    Estimated sale price: £300 - £600

  • Lot 100 |  | Wilkinson's Auctioneers

    LOT NUMBER 100

    J Epiret '63. A Large 20th Century Oil on Canvas: Figures on a Beach, signed lower left and inscribed on verso J Epiret 1963 'sur la plage'. 107 cm x 120 cm. Set behind glass in a moulded gilt frame 128 cm x 140 cm.

    Estimated sale price: £200 - £400

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