Auction Items

Period Oak, Carvings, Paintings and Country Effects

  • LOT NUMBER 101

    A Impressive Burr-wood Chopping Block composed of a 10 in (25 cm) thick cross section of burr figured tree trunk raised on three rustic legs and fitted with protuberant peg handles either side, 33½ in (85 cm) high, approximately 21 in (53 cm) wide.

    Sold For: £700

  • LOT NUMBER 102

    A Large Late 19th/Early 20th Century Sycamore Calliper with steel jaws and sliding rule, 28¾ in (73 cm) in length.

    Sold For: £0

  • LOT NUMBER 103

    A Turned Treen Bowl 5½ in (14 cm) high, 11½ in (29 cm) in diameter.

    Sold For: £0

  • LOT NUMBER 104

    A Turned Treen Bowl with ring decoration to the sides and in-turned rim, 3 in (7.5 cm) high, 13½ in (34 cm) in diameter.

    Sold For: £160

  • LOT NUMBER 105

    A Large Turned Beechwood Bowl, 6½ in (16.5 cm) high, 18 in (46 cm) in diameter.

    Sold For: £220

  • LOT NUMBER 106

    A Large, Shallow Dug Out & Turned Oak Bowl with slightly raised foot, 3 in (8 cm) high, 17 in (43 cm) in diameter, probably 19th century.

    Sold For: £0

  • LOT NUMBER 107

    A Large Antique Ash Dough Bowl (A/F). The oval dug out receptacle having lug handles either side and an old sheet metal patch repair. 10 in (25 cm) high, 30½ in (77.5 cm) long, 24½ in (62 cm) wide.

    Sold For: £190

  • LOT NUMBER 108

    A Low Rustic 'Wagon-wheel' Table. The antique iron rimmed wheel forming the top, raised on three splayed plank legs 18½ in (47 cm) high, 34 in (87 cm) in diameter.

    Sold For: £130

  • LOT NUMBER 109

    An Unusual Game Spit on Oak Stand. The extending four pronged fork sliding out from a square section shaft attached to the end of a turned horizontal post with finial terminal, standing on an A-frame to the front and turned rear leg united by a T-bar bearing a slide out slatted under-shelf. 19 in (48 cm) high, 35 ¾ in (91 cm) wide, extending to 45 in (109 cm).

    Sold For: £380

  • LOT NUMBER 110

    Three Fire Tools, An Iron Vice, a Wrought Iron Pole and and a Pair of Wrought Iron Firedogs, 15½ in (39.5 cm) high: The tools comprising of a wrought iron log turner 34 in (86 cm) long and poker 31 in (79 cm) long with incised decoration to the handles and loop ends, and another poker of simple design 33 in (84 cm) long. The vice 38½ in (98 cm) in length. The pole with a twisted hook to the spike end 44 in (112 cm) in length.

    Sold For: £20

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